Managing Organizational Change for Managers

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Managing Organizational Change for Managers

Managing Organizational Change for Managers
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Employees want to know what their manager thinks about change. In fact, people are more likely to listen and follow a direct manager than anyone else in the organization. That's why change really does start with you. This course is for managers and leaders that need to move a team of people through organizational change. Learn the official definition of change management and get clear about your role in the process. Discover strategies to remove the discomfort of change, communicate change to different groups, reinforce skills, leverage performance management, and sustain planned change. Instructor Donna Brighton emphasizes leadership skills that can help you become a change champion—leading your team to success even when multiple changes happen at once—and make change stick.

Topics include:
  • Internal vs. external change
  • Change saturation
  • Encouraging change
  • Reinforcing and rewarding change
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Using the MOVE model
  • Communicating change

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