Scrutiny v6.8.20 macOS

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Scrutiny v6.8.20 macOS

Scrutiny v6.8.20 macOS | 9.9 MB

Scrutiny - program to test and improve the quality of a site's ranking in search engines. Scrutiny check your image, your internal and external links, generate XML / HTML / .csv / .dot sitemap for submission to search engines, check your tags and make the necessary checks SEO (Eng. Search engine optimization, SEO - a set of measures to raise the site positions in search engine results), such as the page title, headings, meta description and keywords.

Link checking

All the features of Integrity and Integrity Plus. The same fast, efficient, accurate engine. With more power and options - authenticate (scan sites that require logging in) test links within pdf documents, render js before parsing.

Also features to support and assist your migration to https. Choose whether to treat the http and https versions as one site or separate, and to list any links to http pages or http resources on https pages.

After a single scan, Scrutiny holds a vast amount of information about your site. Search it, filter it, export it. Shows a list of warnings such as missing title / description, thin content, keyword stuffed pages, images without alt text, mixed content and much more.

Export an xml sitemap for submission to the search engines (and in other formats too). Option to include images and pdf files. Set up rules for your priority / change frequency or edit these manually.

Run a spelling and/or grammar check, view the results by misspelled word or by page. Uses the standard OSX functionality and your custom dictionary.

For developers
Many years of work have gone into developing and supporting the fast and accurate website crawling / spidering engine that Integrity and Scrutiny use. I'd like it to be used in other apps that need to crawl a website. A cocoa framework for the website crawling / spidering engine is available for you to try.

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